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What's realZOOM?

The only patented plug-in free website zoom solution, and the best zoom technology available anywhere.

Responsive support

Responsive support is built right in and works for every resolution and screen size. No hacks or coding tricks needed to bend the technology to your will; realZOOM works the first time, every time. Period.

Mobile device support

realZOOM fully supports mobile devices, whether you serve your on-the-go visitors with a dedicated mobile site (with a separate desktop site) or a single responsive site. All platforms are served by the same license and great ease of use. Just tell us what you want!

Touch support

Touch is fully supported for mobile, tablets and touch-enabled desktops. Have Windows 8 and a touch-enabled desktop screen? Go ahead, use the mouse and touch screen at the same time.

Add realZOOM™ to "QuickLook" pages

realZOOM doesn't just work on product pages – how about adding realZOOM to your "QuickLook" pages too? Take advantage of every online selling opportunity on every page.

Multiple ZOOM images per page

Want to have more than one realZOOM image on a page? No problem! Have as many as you want – great for content sites. Since realZOOM supports background loading as well as on-demand lazy loading, you can wow your website visitors without slowing down your page load times.

Unlimited image size variability

Want to make your realZOOM images totally different sizes on the same page? Go ahead, our technology doesn't mind one bit and handles it elegantly, effortlessly and automatically.

Exceptional CSS capabilities

Superior CSS capabilities via layering support. With advanced CSS controls in your hands, you have complete control – allowing you to make realZOOM look almost any way you can imagine.

The only SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution on the market.

There are no files to add to your servers, and technology updates are automatically delivered to your website's visitors. Nothing could be easier to use or maintain (on-premises edition also available).

Other advanced functionality of note:

  • Relatively positioned zoom regions support; realZOOM works great in DHTML popups.
  • Easily tie custom event handlers right into realZOOM.
  • Unlimited switching between realZOOM images: put as many images as you desire on one page.
  • Custom floating regions.
  • realZOOM runs asynchronously: all images can load in background or via lazy-loading for ultra-fast performance.
  • Custom functionality coding is always available, just tell us what you want!